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"Couch of the Year"
Ryquin Lacrosse is proud to share that Pete Winn, a Ryquin Advisor and Pacific Grove HS Head Lacrosse Coach
received the prestigious US Lacrosse Central CA 2011 Coach of the Year award. This is Pete's second year as
Coach of the Year. Last year he received the award in Northern California.  Congrats to a job well done.
Ryquin Lacrosse Party Bus
NCAA Div 1 John Hopkins vs Notre Dame - Kezar Stadium - October 16, 2010
Ryquin Lacrosse, fans and bus driver Richard had a kick-ass time on the RQ Party Bus. Thanks for a great
adventure to San Francisco to represent Sacramento at the game.
The Union
November 11, 2012
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SportStar Magazine
October 18, 2012
Sac Joaquin - Vol. 3 Issue 54
Click here and check out Page 15 of the magazine.

SportStar Magazine
Sac Joaquin - Vol. 3 Issue 54
Click here and check out Page 20-23 of the magazine.

US Lacrosse Magazine
Check out Page 44 of the US Lacrosse magazine. We are so proud of Coach Dara's accomplishments!!!!

Elk Grove Citizen
December 9, 2010
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Elk Grove Citizen
September 8, 2010
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Ryquin's girls lacrosse coaches are in the spotlight.  
Congrats to Coach Cheryl Flaherty for winning the 2012 Sportsmanship Award for her spring team.
Dara Robbins, a three time winner herself, sends out a congrats to her fellow Ryquin coach.
                                                                                                                            June, 2012
"Here is a link to some GREAT lacrosse action from the AAS showcase. These are the BEST high school players
in the country; all were voted high school All-Americans and the majority are playing D1 lax in the fall. Watch the
transitions, draw controls, and timing of cuts in particular. Save the link to enjoy some beautiful lax!
It's a full-length game, and I'm not sure how long the link will stay on the ESPN website, so be sure to check it out
sooner rather than later.  Oh, and I'm interviewed just past the one hour mark -- my 5 minutes of fame!              
                                                                                                                            -Coach Dara
Coach Dara accepts US Lacrosse position in Baltimore
Congrats to our dear friend and Ryquin's Director of Girls Lacrosse, Coach Dara.
"True Story"...Dara is Baltimore Bound!
She is headed to the US Lacrosse headquarters to be their
Program Manager for the
Coaching Education Program
.  Her four years with Ryquin and years of involvement and
impact in the Sacramento lacrosse community will not be forgotten.  Her passion for the
game and growing the support has helped put girls lacrosse on the west coast maps. We all
wish her much success and know that her roots are grounded in California, but it is now time
for her to branch out and share her many talents with others.                  - November 2012
Dara Robbins
A word from US Lacrosse about College Recruiting:
US Lacrosse shares the concern of many lacrosse players, parents and coaches that the college recruiting
process is not structured or timed in the best interests of high school student-athletes.
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Ryquin supports the efforts to grow the sport, but in a manner that it benefits the players and community.  We  
practice once a week during the off season to allow players the opportunity to enjoy their school experience, to
focus on their studies, social life and interest in other sports.  It is best to have a well-rounded player, then one
that is about to burn out from exhaustion and stress in trying to keep up with what is becoming the "norm."
                                                                                                                          -Fall, 2012
Lacrosse Magazine
Ryquin Lacrosse is proud to share that Pete Lee, a Ryquin Advisor was written up in the July titled The Legends
Live On,
found on page 6. We are so proud to have Pete Lee a part of our organization, the sport of lacrosse
and a dear friend to our family.  It is wonderful to read how much he has touched and inspired others,not just in
Sacramento but  across the country.  "Pete is truly a lacrosse legend, an inspiration to all, and one of my
heroes." - George Corde
Second write up came from fellow Streets of London Men's Lacrosse teammate Graham McDogul
In July 2009 the Ryquin crew organized a bunch of local boys and took them on adventure
that will forever begin the glory days for Ryquin.  They hit the road for the first high school
Since then Ryquin has fielded teams at the following levels: Men's, U19, U17, U15, U13 and
the 3-7 years olds, the Lil Fiddlers.

Ryquin players have competed in such tournaments as the Harvest Tournament, 510
Challenge, All West Showcase, Tahoe Tournament, and we expanded to the girls division to
compete in the Pacific Highlight Tournament and Davis Play Day.     

Around the Cage, Winter Lax Brush Up, Shot Blocker Camp, Chill-Laxing, personal trainings and our own
tournament; the Harvest Tournament.

Ryquin has been extremely fortunate to have amazing coaches that have played and coached some incredible
teams.  Coaches range from UCLA, Colorado, Virginia Tech, Franklin & Marshall, Gonzaga, Dominican,
Chapman, Whittier, Regis, Wheeling West Virginia, Duke, UC Santa Cruz, Cal Poly, Roanoke, Chico State, Ohio
Wesleyan and Ohio State.                                                                                                -Summer 2013