Congrats to CCL two
graduating seniors

Jonathan Kujawa
& Sean Chacon
We wish you
much success.
Capital City Lacrosse from the beginning.  The team had grown greatly through
practices, scrimmages and a full two day tournament in the high altitudes.  Ryquin
is very proud of the team and their success in Tahoe.  Thank you for a great
season!  Keep your stick in hand and stay in touch over the rest of the summer
with us.

2nd Annual Tahoe U-19 Boys Lacrosse Tournament
Village Green   Incline, NV
July 17-18, 2010
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Sacramento Heat B vs. Ryquin Capital City          3-9
Tomahawks White vs. Ryquin Capital City           10-11 OT

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Ryquin Capital City vs. Reno eNVy                        12-5
Tomahawks Green vs. Ryquin Capital City           7-6
Ryquin 2010 Summer Team                 RQ HEADQUARTERS                 916.747.8283