who may otherwise not be afforded one. Families, students and/or children should not be denied the opportunity
deserving families.

The program offers our community a chance to get involved with lacrosse and give back to those that could use
an extra hand or a pat on the back for a job well done. Ryquin offers a variety of ways people can give back and
ultimately feel good within, but also know they are making a difference in the lives of others in the lacrosse

Equipment Donation:

Lacrosse is by no means an inexpensive sport; boys lacrosse especially. For some families, the sport         
becomes cost pro-hibitive and the decision whether or not to get involved becomes less about the sport and
more about the dollars. Both boys and girls lacrosse require a stick, face/head protection and proper shoes.
The list continues from arm, elbow and chest pads, to gloves, specialized goalie equipment for safety and     
more. Participants in the Feel Good Program can do-nate their used, old or secondary equipment as long as
the equipment continues to be safe and acceptable as per US Lacrosse guidelines. The donated equipment
will then be distributed to players in need of support or for a preliminary introduction to the sport. Deserving
players may request equipment from the FGP or may be recommended by a coach, a fellow player or
another member of the Ryquin community.

Participation Donation:

The sport of lacrosse requires professional guidance and coaching to ensure a player/team is implementing
the game in a safe manner, learning the appropriate skills and familiarizing themselves with the rules of the   
game. On-field opportuni-ties like team practices, tournaments and league play provide the opportunity to
put their skills to the test on the field. Throughout the country, the costs associated for these areas of play
have skyrocketed due to rising field costs, escalating official fees and more. The Participation Donation         
portion of the Feel Good Program (FGP) is designed to offset or elimi-nate those costs for a deserving
player. This aspect of the program allows the benefactor to donate a portion or full dues cost for the player
or for an unknown athlete in the future. Donations may remain anonymous, may be in honor of a player or
may represent the generosity of the donor specifically. The recipient is always kept anonymous by Ryquin
LLC, though said families often seek out the donor to express their appreciation. Donations may be made for
a specifically named player or may be submitted to support any player from the qualified pool of applicants.
Deserving players may request support from the FGP or may be recommended by a coach, a fellow player
or another member of the Ryquin community.

Ryquin LLC welcomes the opportunity to discuss additional avenues for donations. If you would like to make a
dona-tion that does not fit within the realm as listed above, please contact Tasha McLaughlin at
admin@ryquin.com to see how we can partner to provide for a member, future or current, of our lacrosse

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