Pete "Coach Winn" Winn
Ryquin Advisor
Pete "Old Man Running" Lee
Ryquin Advisor
Pete is retired from the leadership roll of Deputy Superintendent, Sacramento County
Office of Education.  He is a well rounded individual in the game of lacrosse.  He was on
the varsity lacrosse team at Ohio Wesleyan University from 1964 and 1965. He
Co-Founded the Sacramento Lacrosse Club in 1976 - 1977 and served in a variety of
roles including coach, team president and player until 2003.

He still plays the game at both Grand Masters and Super Grand Masters level for the
OWU Legends Lax teams in Lake Placid, NY and at the Florida Lacrosse Classic each
year.  Pete served as Chairman for the Ohio Wesleyan University Lacrosse Alumni
Association, 2003 - 2008, as well as founding Chairman for the Sacramento Valley
Lacrosse Foundation between 2003 - 2005. He is the founder and head coach for the
Foothill HS Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team.  
Pete, also an east coaster now living the life on the west, came from Framingham, MA
where he was captain of his lacrosse team.  He spent 8 beautiful years on the
Sacramento Men's Lacrosse Club aka Capital Lacrosse/Streets of London.  He
continued to contribute to the Sacramento lacrosse community by being a founder for
both the Sacramento Valley Lacrosse Foundation and the Jesuit High School Lacrosse

In between those efforts in 2005 he was the assistant coach at Oak Ridge High School
and then became head coach from 2006-2009 at Jesuit High School.  Because of his
continued efforts and ability to bring quality lacrosse to the Sacramento Area, in 2009
he was named Coach of the Year by the Sacramento Valley Lacrosse Conference.  
And Pete notes, "should have been co-coaches with Steve McLaughlin."  Since
stepping down as head coach, Pete still continues to participate in the area and was
recently the assistant coach for 2009 Sacramento Heat All-Star Team that adventured
to Vail.  Pete is currently the head coach at Pacific Grove HS and named 2010/2011  
Coach of the Year for CA Central Region.